The Exodus Mini-Op background notes.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2004 7:26 pm    Post subject: The Exodus Mini-Op background notes. Reply with quote

By now, you've read the story and so I figured I'd include a brief set of my notes that include errata and the "why" behind the story.

For starters, this Op represents the only complete story featuring myself and members of MAUL RRT (Ready Reaction Team). There are three others in various states of completion as of right now. If it isn't obvious, RRT is a deep cover special forces style unit led by myself and reporting directly to the MAUL CINC. There are roughly ten to twelve NPC characters who make up the unit, you meet five of them in this story.

Most Holy had a chance to read a paragraph of the story before he retired and he seemed to think it was worth finishing. The dates are obviously the biggest conflict with the current Jihad universe, but that is easy to fix. Originally, RRT's debut was supposed to be part of another MAUL wide Op but that story was never completed due to Cpl. Gaston leaving and a general lack of participation.

As for the techno-thriller format, it's not original but it fits my "idiom" to butcher a Monty Python line.

As for the back-story, my characters origin is as a former member of the Defense Intelligence Agency. The Jihad has never been as secret as would be preferable and the fact is that the world intelligence community does know something is going on. They don't know what, but the Jihad's operations leave a longstanding pattern. In intelligence parlance the Jihad is known as "The Anomaly."

I was originally tasked by a high-ranking Pentagon General to assemble a special operations unit to identify all infiltrating elements of "the Anomaly" in the U.S. Armed Forces, isolate them and remove them. I was days away from going active with that unit when a spongin sweep team got involved. The results were not pretty.

Everyone remotely involved with that surveillance team was killed, with the exception of Stay-Puft our computer expert. As an NSA spook, he knew who to talk to and where to go when the whole world wants you to go away permanently. After plenty of old-fashioned mayhem and death, I was recruited by representatives of the MAUL War College.

They introduced me to Most Holy and the rest is history.

As for the story itself, I think it's worth considering what happens when "normal" humans get involved. Most high ranking Jihaddhi have either the technology to stay hidden or magic or at the least their JAO's to keep them hidden. MAUL doesn't have all of that. A little old fashioned mis-direction seemed like the best route here.

I really enjoyed how it all worked out. Hopefully it isn't a total waste of time.
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