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(Continuity note: the "present" date for JU: Lyrans is 9 May 1999, or 24 hours before the summoning spell which begins JU3 in On An Uneventful Morn.)

Second only to Charn'El in the circles of Lyran power, the Eighth Circle are the closest thing to a public face the Lyran Empire's administration has. Each member of the Eighth is considered a living demigod by the Lyran population. Ancient, wise, and incredibly powerful, the Eighth Circle manage the day-to-day administration of the Empire, handle major works and projects, and study under the High Mage to further their abilities.

The Eighth Circle was originally a semi-mythical niche of Lyran society. Supposed members of this Circle were relegated to legend; they were Achilles, Aeneas, or Hector to Lyran society, and only began to really appear around the time of Charn'El's ascendance. Lyrans of the Eighth Circle are effectively immortal, but extremely rare. Excluding Charn'El, there have been only a couple of dozen historical Eighth Circle mages. Twelve of them are still alive as of the present day. The mages of the Eighth Circle are collectively referred to as the Dhijatji Thi'eliji, or the "Ascended great Powers."

Having been taken under Charn'El's wing for a tremendous span of years, each of the Ascended are fully aware of the depth of the High Mage's power -and precisely how far beneath it they are. Driven by a combination of fear and respect, the Ascended would not dare directly betray or challenge their Great Lord, who has conditioned them to accept his status as a god as much as the rest of Lyra. In exchange for their subservience to Lyra's living god, they are welcomed into his personal pantheon, wielding tremendous power and influence over the billions of Lyrans and servitors beneath them.

Redha'Ahel: After the death of Abtr'El on Pacifica, Redha'Ahel assumed the leadership position of the Eighth Circle, becoming the de facto High Mage during Charn'El's three years of exile. In the time before the High Mage's disappearance, Redha'Ahel had a centuries-deep history as one of Charn'El's personal students, as well as a general administrator over much of the Empire. Redha'Ahel is one of Charn'El's "troubleshooters," who travels about Lyran holdings providing guidance and assistance at a high level when the High Mage is otherwise occupied. When he is not working directly with Charn'El or projects involving the entire Eighth Circle, Redha'Ahel is the most public of the Ascended, often seen inspecting his master's holdings and occaisionally providing personal instruction to promising Lyrans of the Seventh Circle.

Very much a generalist, Redha'Ahel tends to actually enjoy the travel and administrative work he often gets saddled with, something for which the other Ascended tend to look at him a bit askew about. Redha'Ahel spent the first year after Charn'El's disappearance coordinating the restabilization of Lyra's mana grid, and has been spending time since in Charn'El's personal library, attempting to research a technique to rescue his master.

Terenlakh: Almost all Lyrans are fascinated by the magical manipulation of the life around them, and Terenlakh is of course no exception. This member of the Ascended, in fact, takes it to extremes, and is the main authority on magical gengineering in the Empire. Terenlakh handles a number of other duties typical to the Eighths as well, working as a talent scout, teacher, administrator, military commander, or assistant to the High Mage as the moment requires. In what spare time he has, hoewver, Terenlakh tends to be found on Khethsha'il, studying what he can of the biology there. On Lyra proper, as well as in the colonies, he has led a number of ecological engineering projects, often working with Redha'Ahel, Hhar'Adhakh and a small cadre of sevenths working directly with him to bring either more or more-efficient forms of life to worlds which need them for whatever reason.

As far as the Ascended go, Terenlakh is possibly the most apolitical of the cadre. Wielding tremendous power, as all of the Eighth does, and usually aiming to apply it in ways which benefit the entire Empire, he is seen as both useful and harmless by the High Mage, and as a talented consultant on biology by the rest of the Ascended. While most of the Eighth Circle is either feared, seen as overly eccentric, or otherwise viewed oddly by the population, the mask-in-the-street on Lyra - and even many of the sentient servitors - actively like the Lifeshaper.

Terenlakh has a variety of duties and interests. He is currently salivating over the prospect of a whole new vibrant ecosystem to study after the Lyran conquest of Earth. His main task at present is working on a revision and upgrade of the largely unsuccessful yjinkh'ta and thanatin programmes for Terran-based servitor soldiers.
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