a bit of Leto's origin story
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Elena, aka Leto Bucher

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 12:19 am    Post subject: FINALLY! Reply with quote

Chapter 13: A Soul's War

Something was wrong.

Leto took a breath , a slow, building combination of fury and sheer, blinding hatred rising inside of her. Almost reflexively, her muscles twitched, a brief pain flicking in her right leg. The feeling slowly ebbed, and she was thankful no one was looking to closely at her. She looked, out of the corner of her eye, at the van that had been following her.


She took another deep breath and wondered at her reaction, but didn't distrust her instinct. She closed her eyes briefly, settling into a light trance.


The Dark Source flared out and up, and she turned, her eyes wide open but not seeing the world around her. The van was covered in a twisting, sickly purple aura. Rage slowly began building up again. Her fists clenched, her eyes narrowed. People, weirdos and all, flowed around her on the sidewalk, but Leto's sole focus was on the van.

Them. They were in there. The same kind of ones who caught her, tortured her. She wanted to shift, she wanted to leap on the van in panther form, punch through the glass, and cause carnage. Lots of carnage. A flicker of reason came through, however, and she realized it probably wasn't a good idea to do that, even if she was in the Haight. People began spilling out of the van, vapid grins on their faces, and headed towards her. Her lips pulled up in a snarl, and she realized they weren't going to let her go without a fight. And they had guns, which...irritated her.

"Excellent. How am I going to kill them all in a crowded street? Just great." She tensed, her hand edging upwards to the hilt of her sword as the spongies approached. She thought frantically for an out as the gun-toting spongies approached. She'd have to think quick, before the people noticed what was going on.

A glance down the street revealed greenery, a large Park, in the distance. Leto looked back and forth, and just as the spongies reached her, jumped out into the street and onto the back of a passing pick up. She grunted as she swung herself up on to the bumper and clung to the back. As the truck moved away from the spongies, she smiled nastily and gave a rude gesture she'd learned from watching drivers on the highway down here, followed by what could only be deemed as the Come Hither look of Evil.


The Wyrm Minion let loose a string of words that he wouldn't normally use in front of the spongies as the girl drove away, flipping him off. It was a challenge, all right, and she was taking control of the fight and where it would happen. He stuck his head out the window and yelled.

"HEY, IDIOTS!! GET YOUR ASSES BACK IN THE VAN AND LET'S GO!!!" fortunately for the confused spongies, they listened and quickly clambered back in, the Wyrm Minion yanking on the wheel and pulling into traffic even as the door shut. The spongies began to cry as they tumbled on top of each other. The Minion gritted his teeth and curled his hands around the wheel, following the pick up to Golden Gate Park. "She's dead. No ifs, ands, or buts, just dead!"


Leto crouched behind the back panel of the truck, holding on for dear life. She breathed a small sigh of relied as the truck, entering the Park, slowing down considerably. Behind her, the spongie van was closing in, and ahead, off to the side, woods were coming up. She tensed, waited for the right moment, and.


Other drivers on the road saw a poof! of dust and flailing limbs as a figure jumped off the back of a truck and onto the side of the road. Leto saw a face-full of dirt.

She spat and got up quickly. The van pulled over and spongies spilled out, followed by a rather irritated looking man with a sword strapped to his belt. He spotted her.

"Get her!"

"Eat shit and die! You want to kill me, you have to chase me!" she flipped them off a again and sprinted for the woods, disappearing into the bush before any of the idiots could get a shot off.

The Minion realized his teeth were hurting from being clenched so often. He flexed his hands near his weapon and then pointed. "Woods. Now!"

Music: Spiriti, Mediaeval Baebes, `The Rose'
The idiots entered the woods with trepidation, she saw, grinning slowly and evilly from the shadows. The man leading them, obviously intelligent, was the only one she'd have to worry about.

Leto drew her sword, Estel, for the first time for combat. She held it upright and looked at it, at the faint light that gleamed along it's dark steel. It was appropriate, it was right, to use it now. A faint excitement seemed to pass through her. This sword, she suspected, had been created out of her own hatred and a bit of wood stained with the Teeskac's (her Homeworld's word for `idiots') blood, as well as her own blood. The thought of wielding it for the first time, in such a way.

She lowered the blade and kept watching, then closed her eyes and felt the forest around her. Her magic skills weren't the greatest right now, and she was relatively unschooled, but this was a good spot, close to the Earth and nature. A little mist, some small illusion magic wasn't beyond her.

Oh, this would be fun.


The spongies clutched their guns closer and whined about being scared of the dark, the scary trees, the nasty person who was stalking them. "Just shut up and stay together!!" the Wyrm Minion growled for the fiftieth time.

It wasn't a position he liked either. There were trees and shadows everywhere, making it too easy for someone too hide. If this girl had any sort of skill whatsoever, she be able to.

"Hey, Mister, I. *gauk!*"


The Wyrm Minion didn't even bother turning around as little Timmy (he was 30) was caught, snagged, and dragged into the undergrowth. He snarled at the frightened sponge minions, some of who wet their pants when Timmy's head came sailing out of the bush to land at his feet.

"Son of a..!" The Wyrm Minion stared downwards, and felt a cold chill crawling up his spine as the spongies burst into loud wailing. There was a soft, deadly chuckle from above. He looked up. There, crouched on a branch, was their target, her sword, oddly enough, not showing any signs of having been bloodied. Her eyes gleamed dangerously.

"Well, you want to play, yes? You make it out of this wood alive and I let you walk away?" her voice seemed much harsher than was normal for a girl like that.

"Depends on who makes it out alive." The Minion glared back. The girl chuckled again and raised her hand.

"Look there, at the ones you lead. Think you they can defend themselves?" her voice came out in a long hiss, and curling tendrils of mist began to creep out from the underbrush, thickening and rising to mid-calf. The spongies whimpered more. The girl hissed once more, then dove off the branch as the Minion fired at her. He put the pistol back in it's holster.

"Shut up, you, it's just a little fog, stay together and...what do you think you're doing!?" The spongies broke and scattered as indistinct, writhing forms appeared in the mist. A faint wailing sound was heard as well. The Minion clenched his fist and tried to keep the shivers at bay. Well, if this punk wanted to play rough, he'd play rough back. He wasn't going to let a few magic tricks scare him.


Sarah clutched her big gun and moaned as she wandered in the forest. She felt like she was going to start crying again. She sniffled and blew her nose on the sleeve of her red sweater.

"Have you ever heard of the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Guess what, I am the wolf." There was a guttural snarl and Sarah shrieked as she was yanked off the ground.


Leto crouched on a branch, Estel in hand, watching yet another Teeskac walk timidly below. The mist had served it's purpose and scattered them- all she had to do was be patient and pick them off one by one. Well, not too patient, she didn't know if some hikers or a couple on a walk might come by.

Estel, was, well, she couldn't explain it. Teeskac blood didn't even seem to stay on it; everytime she killed, the blood simply rolled off, like water off of greased leather. And she could feel it's power, it's eagerness, mirroring her own. It was an efficient tool, efficient and deadly, but Leto still wasn't entirely sure what it's complete powers where.

She looked downward again. The Teeskac was in position, just, so.

"Aieee!" the spongie screamed at the top of his voice as a sheaf of jet-black hair and hate-filled eyes filled his vision. He also wetted his pants. Again. Leto hung upside down, from her knees, and glared at the spongie. A low growl filled her throat and her arm drew back.
The last thing the spongie saw was a black, curved blade heading straight for his eyes.

20 minutes later
The Wyrm Minion headed steadily for a break in the trees. His spongies had disappeared. All of them. He muttered vile deprecations against the girl who'd gotten him stuck in this wood, and when he got out. He stepped through the break, expecting to be out of the forest. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't.

He was only in a small clearing, but he could see the edge of the woods across it. There was a stump in the centre, however, and sitting on top it was the girl. He began to draw his pistol, but she looked up from where she was observing her blue-black sword. Those eyes.the Minion couldn't remember the last time he'd seen something so bone-chilling, unless it was the one time the he'd seen a Lyran up close. They were utterly dead, detatched, and startled him so badly he forgot to draw his gun. Then he saw what was lying at her feet, and the spongie that was walking around wailing 'my eyes! they're gone!' And felt nauseous. He knew now what had happened to the eight spongies who'd followed him into the wood.

"I said if you could get away from this place, I would let you live. Do you want to start, or do I have to come after you?" Leto's voice was actually quite pleasant. The Wyrm Minion gulped.

"Why should I fight you when I can just recruit you?" his hand strayed towards his gun.

Leto got up, her sword dangling in one hand. She laughed. "Why would you say such a thing? How could an Teeskac, an idiot, recruit me?" She jabbed at the pile on the ground. "They tried. It did not come out well."

"Listen, lady, I'm not an idiot. And if you don't give up right now, I'm going to kill you. I might as well, anyways."

Leto narrowed her eyes. She'd killed, and that had made her feel better, but now an even deeper, sicker fury was welling up. Her hand tightened so much around Estel's hilt the knuckles went white. "You are not.enslaved? You...you join..."

Music: Angels with Dirty Faces, Sum 41, `Chuck'
The Wyrm Minion had just enough time to raise the pistol when Leto's sword knocked it out of his hand. He stumbled back, cursing, wondering how someone could move that fast.

Estel swung over the Minion's head, mission, and Leto, enraged, swung it again, and again. The Minion dodged, ducked, and managed to get away long enough to draw his own sword. He raised it and Leto attacked, swinging and jabbing. The blows were parried easily- she was too furious to fight properly. After a few minutes of exchanging blows, Leto slowed down, and then they circeled each other warily.

Leto eyed her opponent, realizing that he knew how to sword fight better than she did. Her movements, then, would have to be more calculated, bearing more on her better speed and agility.

The Wyrm Minion watched Leto, knowing she couldn't fight as well as he did, and still feeling chilled with the way she was looking at him, like the way a cat assessed a mouse. Suddenly she darted forward, her blade jabbing in and making a quick cut on his leg before he could stop it. He swung his own sword, but she jumped back again, this time smiling. The Minion growled, and Leto growled back, but her growl was much more convincing.

"You wanna play, kid?"

"Oh no. I do not play." They stopped circling and ran together. The Minion's sword was larger, heavier, and Leto gritted her teeth as it came to bear on her own, fighting the shock. Her rage kept growing, and then they were really fighting, hacking, cutting, slashing. Leto was quick, and that was the only thing that saved her, for more than one swipe that could've been a kill became cut or near miss. After many minutes, they were both covered in cuts, bleeding and bruised. The Minion stepped back, breathing heavily. Leto kept charging in, her adrenalin high, not feeling the pain or anything else. The Minion raised his sword to defend, but the blows kept coming, again and again and again. He slipped, weakened, and Leto howled, bringing Estel down, scoring a deep gash along his side. The Minion gasped and fell to one knee, his sword dropping and his other arm clutching his side.

"Ahh!" he looked up, at the rage on her face, and the deep, deep pain that was beginning to shine through her eyes. He broke, twisted away, got up, and tried to run. He just managed to break through the edge of the woods, then turned around and saw Leto still standing there, her sword raised.

"You said if I made it out, you'd...let...me live."

"I lied." She snarled. The Minion raised his hands in protest.

"No! No, you said.!"


Leto threw Estel. It whistled, moving end-over-end, and lodged itself in the Minion's chest. He coughed, once, twice, then looked at her, his face twisted, and fell over. She stalked over and grabbed the sword, yanking it out, and stood there for exactly three seconds, breathing heavily.

Then she snapped.

"YOU BASTARD!! YOU SON OF A....KIDAKIDAKIDAKIDA!!!" she screamed over and over again, both alien and human curses, taking Estel and hacking at the Minion long after he was dead. She screamed, tears of fury pouring down her face, mutilating the body beyond recognition. The screams only stopped when her voice became to hoarse and weak to support it. She finally stopped cutting, Estel rising, and then falling from her hand into the ground. She stood there for a moment, breathing heavy, her hands loose at her sides. "Kida."

With a sob, Leto fell to her knees, covering her face with her hands. She cried, long and hard, deep moans and wails, rocking back and forth, all of her pain and anguish and memories of the time she spent being tortured coming out. She knelt there for a long time, keening.

Finally, her wails slowed and trailed off into low groans. She stopped crying and looked around her. The sun was shining, and there was a slight breeze rustling the trees, a bird twittering in the distance. She gazed with a tear-stained face around her. Despite the blood she had spilt, the violence of the last half hour, she felt her anguish dissipating, slowly dissolving. The pain was still there, and a little bit would be there for a long time, but she felt calmer and more at peace then she had for a long time. She looked over at Estel, stuck in the earth, still unstained, and pulled it free, wiping the dirt from it's tip.

Leto got up, sheathing the blade, and walked away, not looking behind her.
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Elena, aka Leto Bucher

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 12:13 am    Post subject: Meh... Reply with quote

I don't even know why this is here. It is short and pointless. I shouldn't have even titled it. The title sucks and is far too poetic or melodramatic. Garh, snow in April depresses me.

Chapter 14: Requiescat in Pace
Leto limped back into the hostel, grimacing in pain and clutching her arm. So the other guy had gotten a few hits in, whatever.

“Hey, miss, are you…holy cow! Are you all right?” The woman at the desk was used to seeing wounded people come by, but still. Leto gritted her teeth and nodded. She realized she must be something of a sight- her pants were stained with grass, dirt, and copius amounts of blood, and there were more than a few rips where the Minion’s sword had cut. There was a few nicks and slashes on her torso, but the worst wound was a gash on her upper arm. She felt dirty, dishevelled and sweaty and was in a very foul mood, aside from being bone-tired.

“I…I was mugged. Or they tried to, at least. I am fine. The showers?” The woman pointed down the hall. “Thank you.” Leto grimaced again and limped towards them. The woman wondered if she should call the police, but the look on the young woman's face made her think otherwise.

Afterwards, Leto felt a little better. She was clean and had bandaged her wounds, but her leg was still bothering her. Both of them, in fact, the old scars giving little twitchy pains now and then. She growled as she put Estel back into her locker and slammed the door, then promptly went to bed, despite the fact it was early afternoon.


“Breaking news out of San Francisco…We are only now getting reports of a mass slaughter in the woods somewhere within Golden Gate Park. We go live now, Sandy?”

“Yes, Mike, the police have cordoned off a large section of the woods off and are warning park-goers to watch their backs. It appears as if there is a serial killer loose in the park, what with the official count being as many as nine bodies scattered in a…and I’m just receiving information that the people were all killed within the last 24 hours…Amazing! Apparently there is a survivor of the attack!”


News footage of a wailing man, being restrained with difficulty by the paramedics. The footage is a little unclear, as the cameraman tries to go in for a closer look. The patient has been wrapped around the head with gauze, over the eyes, and is crying bitterly as the paramedics succeed in strapping him down. The camera gets close enough to pick up some words:

“My eyes, my eyes!! Oh, it hurts, it hurts, where is… where is that meanie…oh, my eyes!!!”

The news camera is spotted by the police, who start to drive the cameraman off. As the cameraman tries to get one last shot in, he zooms in on the blinded patient. The footage is jarred and jagged, but the bright purple colour of the victim’s shoes is unmistakable. The footage finally turns off as the cameraman makes a run for it.


Channel 9

“Well, there are some gruesome events unfolding in Golden Gate Park today. A man was found hacked to death…no, preliminary autopsy reports indicate that the victim was already dead when his attacker savagely mutilated his body. DNA tests and dental records are being explored in the hopes of identifying the victim…”

“Several Missing Persons cases were sadly resolved as well, as a pile of heads were discovered not far from the mutilated victim. Police are still combing the woods for their bodies…”


“Can you believe it?”
“Man, it’s nuts. But that’s modern America for you, dude.” Leto opened one bleary eye and glared at the other people in the room, two of which were sitting together on a bunkbed and going over the morning paper. She looked at the clock. Well, at least she’d gotten enough sleep. It was close to 11 am. The two kids pouring over the newspaper looked up as she swung her legs off the bed and stretched, groaning. They flipped the paper around to show the headline. “Check it out, man! Don’t go out to the Park today!”

Leto eyed the headline, shrugging when she realized it detailed the events of the previous day’s events in the Park. She stretched again and grated at the two kids.

“Wake me up at such an unholy hour again and I will do Bad Things to you, yes? Now be quiet and do not disturb those that still sleep.” The two teens eyes went wide and they scurried off, looking over their shoulders. Leto grouched and grumbled all the way to the bathroom, her ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ towel slung over one shoulder.


She waved good bye to the desk person as she left the hostel and stepped outside. Leto didn’t bother heading towards the Park, it was likely still crawling with police or specatacle watchers. Yech. She made a face.

The sun was warm and bright, and Leto lifted her face to it as she adjusted her camp-pack. She felt her spirits lifting, and a small amount of actual happiness began to filter in. For some reason, she thought, something good was going to happen. And soon. She smiled widely, baring her teeth, and began walking towards the harbour.

“First thing…Find some more Jihaddi.” She grunted as she overlooked the Bay. She headed towards it, making her way through the City proper.
Mors Principium Est
Remember... PILLAGE before you BURN!
“Usually I ask only two questions- what are we dealing with and how do I kill it."
Everything I know I learned from killing smart people and eating their brains Wink
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